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Parc Leopold clinic (CHIREC)
38 rue Froissart
1040 Etterbeek

Phone : 02/379-03-76

Medical retina

At the posterior pole of the eye, the retina is a fine membrane that soaks the light influx (photon) to transform it into an electric influx, which will be received and interpreted by the brain.

In the primate (to which group we belong), a central region of the retina is ultra-specialised into the fine vision of details: it is the macula.

Unfortunately, numerous pathologies can involve the retina, either from the periphery (diabetes or vascular thrombosis for the more common causes) or centrally (macular diabetes, vascular thrombosis, age related macular degeneration or AMD, epiretinal membranes and macular hole, genetic disorders, etc…).

Many of these disorders can be slowed down or even stopped when took early in their evolution. In other circumstances, this is an abrupt involvement that more or less definitely lowers the vision. In any cases, an early treatment is mandatory to offer multiple choices of treatment to our patients (among the most common: laser, injections, and surgery) in order to obtain the best recovery as possible.

Hopefully, nowadays, many new methods of diagnosis and treatments raise and allow us to better handle our patients.

An early diagnosis of certain pathologies, such as AMD (10% of the population is at risk to develop an AMD at the age of 60), needs a regular examination, among others, of the fundus of the eye.

Like in glaucoma, an examination starting at 40 years old is preferable to define if you are in a high-risk population, due to your behaviour (tabac, sun exposure, obesity, arterial hypertension, or cholesterol among others) or your family history (if any member of your family suffers from diabetes or AMD as an example).

As said by Philip Hunter (EMBO 2008), never forget that « we are what we eat »…

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