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ophthalmologist, cataract and vitreo-retinal surgery

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ophthalmologist, glaucoma and medical retina

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Dr Koch

Clinique du Parc Leopold :
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1040 Etterbeek

Téléphone : 02/379-03-76

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Dr Piens

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Dr Koch

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91 Avenue Henri Jaspar
1060 St-Gilles

Phone : 02/379-03-76

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Dr Koch

Parc Leopold clinic (CHIREC)
38 rue Froissart
1040 Etterbeek

Phone : 02/379-03-76


Glaucoma, which main risk factors are ocular hypertension and heredity, is a frequent disorder that could involve up to 10% of the population over 60 years old. It is one of the five major causes of blindness in the world, due to the cell death of ganglion fibre layers that transport visual information from the retina to the brain.

Unfortunately, it is an insidious disease since it first involves our peripheral visual field, where vision is the poorest, evolving slowly and progressively to a total blindness, which of course render auto-diagnosis by the patient even more difficult.

Moreover, diagnosing categorically a progressing Glaucoma is frequently difficult for the practitioner that must surround himself with further, general and ocular, secondary exams.

Nowadays, numerous treatments are at disposal, from eyedrops to laser treatments or even surgical treatment in the most severe cases.

An early treatment is essential to limit the death of ganglion fibre cells that are definitive cells. Every cell death is irremediable…

For such reason, we recommend a routine check-up in every patient whose parents or close family member suffer from Glaucoma. Moreover, a first examination, at least at 40 years old, is necessary to make a check-up and thus define the risks and frequencies of further controls.

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